Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Village Khujner,Rajgarh,MP:

In some of the villages around Khujner a unique organisation is working .Around 1600 small and marginal farmers have organised themselves under Agriculture Produce Co.Pvt.Ltd. with the organisational set up of around 10 directors, 18 partners from different villages.This was set up inorder to avoid the middleman,Mandi and choupals.The farmers collect the produce and sell it themselves.The first collection was that of 180 quintals of soyabean ,that was sold to a soya plant in Bhopal.It is a very good effort but farmers are still trying to improve their profit.In the above case only the soya farmers sold to the company in Bhopal rated their produce as "A"Grade but still the price paid was not that good.It was due to the fact that the company has regular suppliers as well.
Anyway this initiative taken by the farmers is appreciable.This company has the share worth Rs. 5 to Rs.10 .The company controls the price and it started selling fertilisers, seeds and other related products as well.The good news is that it has increased by 25%in an year.When it started soyabean was the only crop but now other crops are also being tried.The payment to farmers and other purposes is done through cheques, which makes the whole system very transparent .

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