Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Few more cases

Prakash lives in the village Tigeria which is about four kilometer before Abdellaganj in Madhya Pradesh. This young man guards the fifty acre land of a person called Nyaldada. In return he gets an amount of Rs.200 per acre per season along with 5 quintals of the produce.

Ironically the land that Prakash guards today was owned by his father long time ago. His father took loan for some purpose from Nyaldada.But he could not pay it back and in that case he sold the 35 acre of the land to Nyaldada. He himself guarded the field for the new owner. After that the job was transferred to Prakash.

In village Pimpri of Yavatmal district –Ramsingh took loan from a bank for the marriage of his daughter in year 2003.He thought of paying it back from the agri produce from his fields. Unfortunately the following two years were hit by the drought. Third year brought some respite for him but that was not enough to pay the loan. Finally he received a notice from the bank to pay the amount in five days. Under the influence of pressure he committed suicide before the bank could reach him and take what ever he owned.

Such incidents call once again for the reform sin the credit policies. It needs to be more farmers friendly.

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