Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stories from the Madhya Pradesh

In conversation with the farmers in Madhya Pradesh,Yatra Team found that there is a huge network of the agents who lure the farmers for loans for tractors by misleading them with faulty or half information.Later in case of the non-payment of money the tractors is take away leaving farmer to suffer the crisis that follow.
In a typical a farmer Kailash of village Khambra, district Betul,MP was approached by an agent Bhupendra Sahu in year 1998.He convinced Kailash to buy tractor by taking the loan. Kailash did not own any land but for the loan he puchased land from his uncle and applied for the loan.But Kailash could not even pay the first instalment and soon he accepted the fact thet he can never pay the money back.After four years he lost the land and also the tractor. Today he struggles hard to earn daily meal.The agent here gets around Rs.20,000 per client(Farmer).

There are over one lakh such cases in the region..The government pays no heed to it and hundreds of tractors whichwere taken back from such farmers ,are lying in Tehsil the land.It is a huge problem in the State as there are schemes to attract farmers like: free 20 L of diesel on the purchase some gift etc.
There are several other cases that tells the sad state of Framers. There are cases in which the farmer had asked for a loan of Rs.2.5 lakh but had already paid Rs. 6 Lakh as interest money.

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