Monday, February 25, 2008

EXPERIENCES : Poors are always victim

Maharashtra has come into spotlight in recent times due to various reasons like drought, crop failure and record of suicide cases by farmers. On the top of it lack of credit reforms and absence of a fixed price for the produce adds to the misery of the farmers. The team came across various incidents that are enough to describe the condition of farming and farmers in the state. To begin with, in Chandrapur district there is a place called Buttabori which is to be developed as an industrial estate by one company. The history reveals that this company came here from Hinna with a huge sum that it had added in its account from various Government loans. The company later fled with the sum from there and started the work in Bittabori with of course same infrastructure but different name . Till date no action has been taken against it by the government agencies that had sanctioned the loan.

But at the same time banks have released the ‘Wanted’ notice against eight farmers .These farmers applied for the loan of Rs20, 000-Rs.40, 000 but were unable to pay it on time due to crop failure and other related reasons.

The above two cases are from the same place and it is sad and unfortunate that nobody thinks twice before acting against a poor farmer but when it comes to taking action against any rich and big company they take their own time…

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