Monday, March 3, 2008

Water -issue of great concern


This is a very popular block known for Peas. Agriculture is the mainsaty of the peope there and because of very fertile soil and available water in the region farmers were getting good reurns .It was termed as 'Small Punjab' because of high productivity of the farm produce.The market was available for the produce so farmers were satisfied and assured that their produce will be sold completely.Mother Diary being one of the main buyers of peas etc.It used to collect at least 20 trucks of peas daily from that block.But the situation has changed now.The collection has resticted to just one truck now.Reason??The productivity has come down due to water scarcity in the region.The available sources are shrinking due to increaed pressure and lack of conservation efforts. Villagers had asked Government to take this into consideration.The officials made fewcheck dams against farmer's will who wanted ponds to be made at higher elevation.The check dams didnot prove very effective.The villagers still want ponds to be made at higher elevation so that the rain water can be harvested .This was the traditional way of water harvesting in region which is losing its existence now.It is going to worth at least Rs.2 Cr. but will benefit at least 30-40 villages in the area.Goverenment has agreed on that but not acted.

The village is losing its identity !

However the lone waive off budget was welcomed by the farmers and they thought this will bring some relief f to the small and marginal farmers but still this was just a relief measures and not a solution . It is important that the reasons or factors need to be identified that make a farmer apply everytime for the loan and his inabilities to pay it back. This should be the first step to find the solution.

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