Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dr.Joshi and cycle yatra team with Shri.Sundarlal Bahuguna
The Agri march which started on 12th January 2008 came to an end when it reached Dehradun on 16th March 2008 .The team was recieved at the Press club ,Dehradun by noted environmentalist Shri Sundarlal Bahuguna along with huge number of farmers, public and people from press.The yatra team members shared the stories of their experience.Addressing to the gathering. Team Leader Dr.Joshi urged everyone to think seriously on the issue of farmers and farming .He again talked about the subject that needs a serious thought.Like:
#Redefine "farmer"-Big farmers can be called as Businessman as their condition is very different from the small and marginal farmer.
# An agri act must come in order to stop the diversion of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes.
#Agri education should be part of school curriculum
#Role of bank - Redefine
Also seen that cultivation of staple food is being replaced by cash crops.The diversion of agricultural land (which in any case is limited) to commercial farming and even industries, is further limiting ability to grow enough foodgrains. "Contract farming" is being encouraged thereby opening new avenue of exploitation of farmers. What has not been understood is that any tinkering with the agriculture sector that encourages farmers to abandon their land and move on to cities in search of a livelihood is sure to lead the country into a dark abyss.

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