Saturday, March 1, 2008

Damn the dam!!

Where is the water...!!
Farmers switching to brick making

The Sagar dam in the region came into existence 20 years ago but the farmers in the nearby regions are crying loud for water.The dam has not catered the needs of poor farmers in the region. I is the big farmers who have been benefited.The small farmers have yet again fallen prey to the big dam projects supposedly brining lot of economic empowerment to the local people.The local people , most of the being farmers asked Government to make a canal so that they can also make use of dam water for their thirsty land.It has been years and nothing has been done in this regard.Instead, the dam water is surely being used by one fertilser plant in close vicinty.

The agriculture has suffered in the region due to water shortage .Most of the farmers have lost the hope now have switched to new job of Brick Making.When one visit the region a piles of bicks can be seen in the fields that at one time produced food.

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