Friday, January 18, 2008

Snaps from the yatra

Dr.Anil Joshi ,addressing a group before the start of the Yatra.

The Yatra focuses on the issues of the need of an Agri Act in the country.There should be a fixed percentage of land for agriculture. Growing industrialisation and the rate at which the Special Economic Zones are coming up , the agriculture is under pressure. The fertile agriculture land is being sacrificed in the name of development.The farmer today doesnot want to continue with the faming because the returns are not good.The big industrialist pay a handsome amount to the farmers in return of their land.The farmer sells his land and ends up spending that money in the due course of time.

This is a serious threat as this is sure to cause a food crisis in the time to come.

The Yatra continues with request and message.It is asking farmers not to sell the agriculture for any kind of industrial use.If in any case they have to then they should ask for partnership, this will ensure a source of income for the generations to come.

So far the farmers have also responded well !

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